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Mike's Launches New Website

Mike's Auto and Truck Accessories is pleased to announce the launch of our new Web site! We apprecieate your business and would like to continue to do business with you. At Mike's, we understand that a more educated customer makes better purchasing decisions - and in the end, informed customers are satisfied customers. In an effort to assist our customers with their purchases, we have oriented our website to furthing our customer's knowledge about the products and services we offer.
  • Some of the new site features include:
  • Full Search Capabilities
  • Links to our Vendor's Websites
  • Online Polling
  • Online Forums (Coming Soon)
  • Online Shopping (Coming Soon)
  • Slideshow gallery of the work we have doen for our clients.
However, we are continually looking to improve our service and our website. If you have any suggestion about what we can offer on your site, or any online tools that you would like us to incoporate on our site, please let us know, we would love to hear about your ideas.
Mike's Auto and Truck Accessories